1) Open your web browser and go to https://portal.office.com

2) Sign in with your Shorter University email address and password

3) Use the Office 365 App Launcher 

 to open your Calendar

4) Create a new meeting by clicking New 

5) Fill in the meeting information as you normally would

  • Add a title for the event (This will be the Subject of the Meeting)
  • Select a Start and End time
  • Use Repeat to set up the Recurrence pattern

6) At the top of meeting window, click Skype meeting and Add Skype Meeting

7) A Join online meeting link will appear in the message area and you may add information to message area (e.g. Agenda, Notes, etc.) 

Be careful not change/delete any of the Skype meeting information below the dotted line

8) Add People to receive an invitation to your meeting

9) After you have double checked the meeting information, use the Save  or Send  button to finish setting up your meeting.