1) Open your web browser and login to Moodle (https://courses.shorter.edu)

2) Open the relevant course

3) Click the Join Skype Meeting for Synchronous Learning link

4) If you are the Instructor, select Launch Application

5) If prompted, select:

  • Use Skype for Business (full audio and video experience)
  • Don't show this again
  • Click OK

6) You should now see the Skype Conversation window

7) Click  to start/stop your webcam

8) Click  to mute/unmute your microphone

9) Click  to present from your computer

10) Click  to leave the call

11) Click  to open the Meeting Menu

  • You will primarily use Start/Pause/End Recording and End Meeting

12) Click  to open the Conversation window for text based chatting

13) Click  to open the Participants window